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Cinema Package

Sky Blue Wedding is now offering the Cinema Package add-on for our wedding videography! Here is what you need to know:

What is a Cinema Package?

Our Cinema Package is essentially an option that gives a much higher HD video quality. If you want and need a video that looks amazing even on a 52″ TV than this would be a good option for you.

But isn’t HD video all the same?

No. For example – most smart phones shoot 1080P video but their quality is simply junk next to proper video cameras that shoot the same resolution. It’s not always about quantity of pixels but the quality of them. While we already shoot on HD 1080P cameras that have an amazing look there is still plenty of room for improvement to the image.

What sort of improvements could you expect?

This package basically covers video camera rental where we rent high quality cameras that would normally be far to expensive to include in our lineup. The video below details many of the advantages of how this package can improve the look of your wedding video. This video includes a lot of techno-babel about cameras but it gives some great examples of the difference between HDSLRs and the Canon Cinema line.


This camera increases the video’s low-light performance which means less grain when the lights get turned down at the reception. The dynamic-range is increased which means that you can see more detail in the lights and darks of the image. The image is captured on a 4K sensor which gives a ton of detail even down to seeing fine details like eye-lashes and small lettering. There is no aliasing which means that funky patterns don’t show up on peoples clothing or brick walls.

Who is this add-on for?

If you want the best quality wedding video then this is a good option for you. If you can’t tell the difference between HDSLR footage and this Canon Cinema footage than this might not be a good idea. However, internet video is always highly compressed and when viewed on a TV the differences become more apparent. We wanted to offer this package because we believe there are people out there that do care about the quality of their video and we wanted to make sure we can accommodate their need.

Will this add-on make a better wedding video?

Not necessarily. It’s a common saying in the film industry that story is the most important thing in a film – video quality doesn’t really matter. However, having the right tools can help us tell a story better. These cameras have lots of features that help us during the shoot that allows us to capture things faster without having to mess with additional gear. So, in a way, it can help us get more shots and create a better video but the quality of the video doesn’t always translate into a better story. This add-on is more about having the final video look better.

Please refer to our pricing and packages page for our Cinema Package pricing.

What about 4K?

A lot of people haven’t even heard of 4K but 4K televisions are starting to roll out into consumer markets and soon enough it’s going to be the cat’s meow. 4K is essentially a much higher resolution than 1080P – similar to the “Retina Displays” on Apple products that have more detail than the human eye can actually see.

If you plan on having a 4K television in the future and want to future-proof your wedding video so that it has the highest quality just let us know and we can create a package for you.


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