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How To Give an Amazing Maid-of-Honor Speech

As videographers we’ve listened to many Maid of Honor speeches as well as Best Man speeches. That doesn’t quality us as speech experts but we do have an idea of what works and what doesn’t. So we’ve compiled a simple list of things that all of our favorite speeches include.

1: Emotion

Even the worst speech in the world can be redeemed by showing an ounce of emotion. Lack of emotion can make even the best speech unbearable.

2: Preparation

The whole “wing-it” idea is just silly. In fact sometimes it can almost be insulting to a bride or groom if their Maid of Honor or Best Man is given an opportunity to say great things about them but doesn’t take the time to put thought into it. Lack of preparation shows indifference which isn’t very becoming. A good speech is like an essay and should have an intro, body, and conclusion and those things take time.

3: Sobriety

If there is alcohol at the wedding save it for after the speech. As much as you might think you need a little “liquid courage” to say the things you want to say it often goes south – and fast. It ends up sounding more like a drunk call at 2AM than a carefully prepared speech. You know your limits so you should stick to them.

4: Humility and Honor

Give your words integrity. You are presenting a toast that marks the beginnings of a lifelong commitment between two people. Your words are heavy with meaning and every bit of them should come from your heart. You should also mark the best qualities of the bride or groom in a way that builds them up. You have to remember that you are the one that is lucky to have them, not the other way around. Talk about how their moral qualities inspire you.

5: Comedy

I think some people focus too much on making their speech funny. It should be treated carefully and as a way to capture the audiences attention. A fun story is usually enough to make the audience laugh, however, maybe test the story on a friend first. If the story is embarrassing it shouldn’t involve old boyfriends, girlfriends, or things that might effect peoples outlook on them. Don’t try too hard to be funny because if a joke flops it can throw off the whole speech.


Oh, there are so many more things that help make a speech great. However, this is a blog post and not a book so I have to stop here. If you have any great example of speeches or things to make a great speech put them in the comment section below.

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  • katie

    October 18, 2012 at 9:15 pm Reply

    I was there and its just as awesome now as it was that day!

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