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Our Style

I believe every videographer has their own style. I also believe that a style should be able to be defined. If it can’t be defined then they might have some identity issues or maybe they just haven’t figured it out yet. My goal with this post is to give you an idea of what our style is.

What videography styles exist?

Wikipedia will lead you to believe that there five wedding styles: Documentary, Cinematic, Storytelling, Short Form, and Traditional. I’m going to stick my neck out and say that those aren’t styles at all but instead are genres. The difference is that style is not categorized but is defined. Genres can only be used to generalize. So let’s get technical.

style |stīl|
1 a manner of doing something: different styles of management.
• a way of painting, writing, composing, building, etc., characteristic of a particular period, place, person, or movement.
2 a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed: the pillars are no exception to the general style.

genre |ˈZHänrə|
a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.

So the better question is: How are videography styles defined? The answer to this question may take all day since anything can be defined in a thousand different ways. Since I don’t have all day I’m simply going to define our style.

Our style: defined

Our wedding videography style isn’t marked by dramatic music, large crane movements, or crazy editing. We focus on elegant shots, silent emotions, small details, and the people. After all, those are the things that really matter and somehow the things that fade the fastest in our memories. We want to observe the wedding day as naturally as possible.

Our overall goal with our videos is that every frame is a beautiful image through composition and setting. Here are just a few of my favorite frames from past weddings:

Wisconsin Wedding VideographyOutdoor Wedding Details

Wisconsin Wedding VideographySurprise WeddingBride getting readyWedding PartyWedding PicturesWedding PicturesWedding Videography StillVintage wedding videography

I find that these images aren’t only stunning but are iconic of each wedding. They capture more than just what is happening at the moment; they capture the emotion that isn’t necessarily on display.

Why does it matter?

A videographers style, I think, should be defined because like taste – everyone has their own. So perhaps a couples style is large scale, cinematic, and fast paced; they may want to go with a different videographer. But if you appreciate capturing feelings, small glances, intricate details, or the beauty of a setting then we will be a good choice.

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